Grass Fed beef

Cut Rite Outback LLC will now have 100% Grass Fed Beef available for purchase, slaughter, cut, and wrap. Grass Fed Beef will be sold for $1.25 per pound (Hoof Weight). There is a $75 slaughter fee and it costs $0.75 per pound (Hanging weight) to cut and wrap. Below is a breakdown of the approximate value you would receive from purchasing a 1250lb grass fed cow:


Cost of Cow: $1,562.50

Slaughter Fee: $75

Cut & Wrap: $582

($0.75 x Hanging weight of 677lbs)

Total Price: $2,219.50

Compare to Retail at $2,733.11

SAVE $513.61!



The Meat Breakdown table pictured approximates the amount of each cut of meat the buyer would receive when purchasing a 1250 lb grass fed cow as mentioned in the previous Cow Weight Breakdown example.